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We lend more than banks, both against the gross development value and the total project costs; which allows our borrowers to spread their capital further and maximise their return on equity too. Leverage is available up to 75% LTGDV and we fund up to 90% LTC. Our development finance loans are available nationally and for a multitude of purposes, including: small to medium size house building, permitted development schemes, non owner-occupied refurbishments, mixed use developments and student accommodation.

Zorin vs. Bank Lending




The following information is intended as a guideline only (regions may vary):

Maximum LTV (1) 75%
Interest Rate Per Annum (2) from 6.95% plus SONIA
Maximum Loan Size £75,000,000
Minimum Loan Size £2,000,000
Maximum LTP 80%
Maximum LTC 90%
Arrangement fee (3) 1%
Exit Fee 1%
Maximum Term 36 months
Interest Payable on Exit yes
Interest Compounded quarterly
Minimum Interest Payable (4) case-by-case

(1) Including interest and fees
(2) Interest charged on drawn funds only
(3) Rolled into loan
(4) On total loan amount


  1. Open to individuals and corporates
  2. Residential & non-residential uses
  3. Planning gain considered towards borrower equity contribution
  4. No planning risk taken if land is the only security
  5. No bankruptcies, outstanding CCJs or poor credit
  6. Proven track record
  7. Subject to satisfactory due diligence
  8. Build costs drawn down in arrears against Q.S. sign-off
  9. Security by way of 1st ranking legal charge
  10. Limited PGs, company and share charges required if lending to corporates

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