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6 Great reasons
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Loan to Value

We lend up to 90% LTC and 70% LTV. Far more than banks will, allowing you to work your capital harder or spread it across multiple schemes.


Banks are big, bureaucratic institutions which can take months to approve a loan facility. We are small and nimble with immediate access to the credit committee. This allows us to lend within 4 - 6 weeks.


Highly competitive rates with no hidden costs. We believe our cost of debt is simply a like-for-like continuation of what banks would charge if they lent higher up the LTC/LTV scale.


We will consider planning uplift towards your equity contribution. And unlike banks, we also take a view on what conditions need to be satisfied prior to initial drawdown and what can wait until the build commences. That means you can spend longer appointing the right professional team without fear of missing your completion date.


We get right what the banks get wrong. Namely, earning your trust. We do this by giving you access to our back office via our loan management platform. An industry first, we believe. This way you know exactly how your loan is progressing and can hold us to account too.


There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to understanding your needs. Fortunately, we have plenty of it. And not just as lenders. A number of our team have successful backgrounds as property developers and investors too. All of which helps us to better understand you.

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Meet the Team

Our name is only as good as our team’s reputation. That’s why we value the diversity and experience of our team so highly; there’s simply no substitute when it comes to understanding our borrowers’ business and meeting their needs.

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